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22400 Ruma, Kraljevačka 46. Republic of Serbia
tel: +381 (0) 22 479 569, fax: +381 (0) 22 471 675

logo"EVROTOM" DOO is registeres in Agricultural court in Sremska Mitrovica, under number Fi-716/91 as a company for export, import production and tourism.Company is registered and owned by Mister Toma Pavlić.

For almost two decades firm is producing:

- bee medicine
- bee-food
- beekeeping equipment and accessories
- Apina cosmetics (cosmetics based on natural bee products)
- Api fito program (additional medicine with natural herbal and bee product as ingredients) 

All our products are registered in Serbia. Few productas are registered in: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, Bosnia i Hercegovina, Yemen, and also we have few reprensetators in other countries..

gmpGMP certificate we own for our bee medicine:Apitom, Varotom, Furmitom, Askotom, Nozecid i Forssatom.

haccp HACCP certificete has been granted to us after hygiene and hazard and critical control point inspection.

Our products not only that are registered in other countries, but they are among the best products in this field, thats why we have so many gratifications and awards from all the bigest fairs: Golden cup, big number of golden medals from Novi Sad, Moscow, Belgrade, Kiev, Sofia, Dubai, Casablanca, Brussels and other.

toma Toma Pavlić owner of "EVROTOM" DOO
is a men that loves nature from his childhood. Long time ago he was involved, first as amateur and after as his prime and proffesional activity. Soon he saw that on our territories there is no efficient bee medicine that is both able to protect and cure, his bees from all kind of diseases and parasites. Then the first experiments started. Persistently, like worker bee, he colected knowledge and experience and by time he grow up in well experienced bee keeper.

Toma Pavlić his knowledge and experience gives to all the beekeepers around him. He is also contributed as a writter in the book Bee keeping, diseases, parasites.

But this is not the end. This is just the begining because ˝EVROTOM˝ DOO, Toma Pavlić everyday work on spreading the knowledge, program of production and quality of their products.